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meeting the 100 percent perfect person

Posted on: January 11, 2007

this story starts with once upon a time and ends with sad story, isn’t it.

once upon a time there was a guy and he went out to do his laundry. he wasn’t thinking of anything special as he was walking down the street. from the other direction there was a girl walking towards him and she was on her way to mail a letter. it just so happens they passed each other. the guy thought, you know what? that is the 100% perfect girl for me. and the girl looked at the guy and she thought to herself, you know what? that is the 100% perfect guy for me. and by some miracle, by some freak of chance, they both actually worked up the guts to speak to each other.

so they stopped. and they spoked to each other and they started talking. and it turned out that everything they had in common, clicked 100 percent. everything they didn’t have in common, complimented each other perfectly. and they walked together and got down to the river and they took a seat at the bench there. an hour passed in the blink of an eye. and after a while, she said, you know what? this is too weird. what are the chances of just walking outside one day and running into a 100 percent perfect person. a little doubt crossed their minds.

so he said, you know what? if this is for real, if we’re really really meant to be together, then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna separate right now, we won’t exchange phone numbers or anything, we’ll just walk away and if fate really meant for us to be together then we’ll run into each other again. if we run into each other again, we’ll know it was meant to be and we’ll get married on the spot. that’s it. so we’ll leave it up to fate.

so they separated. he went to the east, she went to the west. and a day passed, two days passed, a week passed, a month passed, a year passed and they didn’t see each other again. after sometime they decided to start dating other people. they found 60 percent perfect love, 70 percent perfect love, even as much as 83 percent perfect love but they never found 100 percent perfect love again. and as more time passed eventually they got married to separate people, they had nice marriages, they had wonderful kids and they had their lives.

and many years in the future there was a terrible influenza that got everybody deathly sick. they survived it but their spouses didn’t. then one day the guy, he is about 83 years old, hands now shaking, went out to do his laundry. and she happens to be walking down the same street on her way to mail a letter. she has her letter in her feeble shaking hands and is about 79 years old now. they passed each other. he looked at her and thought, you know what? that woman seems very familiar, i can’t placed it but i think i know that woman. and she looked at him and she thought, you know what? i know that guy, he looks very familiar to me like i know him from somewhere. but they couldn’t place it, too many years have passed and their memories have been wiped away by time. so they walked right passed each other and didn’t even talked.

the thing was, fate really meant for them to be together, they really were the 100 percent perfect match. what happened is that fate can only throw you together once, how lucky can you be to get another chance? it’s like winning the lottery, tearing up the ticket and then trying to win the lottery again just to make sure it was really meant to be. their mistake was to really question fate and fate never gave them another chance. sad story, isn’t it.

a brillant piece by Haruki Murakami, somewhat lamely retold by yours truly.


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