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impressions of Kuching

Posted on: January 8, 2007

i was surfing for great dining spots in Kuching and came across this site. not sure who Paul Bourke (the author of the site) is, but his impressions of our city is quite accurate and very informative. the site is also peppered with many facinating pictures of famous locals found here.

of course Kuching is not just about culture, we do have happening clubs, pubs, beautiful parks and neat hangout places in abundance. also not forgetting the myriad food options to satisfy even the most picky of tastebuds. the only thing we’re lacking here is perhaps a casino, haha. but then do we really need one?

i’ll recommend his site for anyone wanting to get a feel of our culture and planning to drop by for a visit. friendly people all around makes Kuching truly a fun place to explore. heck, even i am still discovering cool stuff about my hometown every now and then.


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