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Purple People Monster

Posted on: January 5, 2007

you are high on the frozen slopes of a great mountain. terrified, and caught in a blizzard. you’ve been following a set of tracks for close to an hour now, lost in all this blank whiteness. cold and wet, your legs are the first to give in to exhaustion.

just yesterday you were laughing away with a group of friends at the lodge, sipping hot cocoa. they must realise your missing by now, a search party is on the way. you just got to hang on for a while longer.

something is nearby, you sense it. suddenly, it uttered a strange cry and bounded away. a blur of purple and red flashes across your eyes. after a moment you lost sight of it in the snow. so very tired. slowly, you feel your energy ebbing away.

you wake up and realise your back at the lodge again, concern faces studying yours. you can’t recall how you got back. more likely they found you in time. did you guys see it? you ask. the…yeti, you try to explain. but it couldn’t be a yeti could it? indistinctly you recall its purple fur.

~9th September 2001

i got this cuddly purple monster at the funfair.

these were my housemates back in Perth.

they were all playing cards when my monster decided to join in.

unfortunately it was too big for me to bring back to Kuching.

so it’s probably still in Perth, somewhere.

if you happen to see it, don’t be afraid to say hi.


1 Response to "Purple People Monster"

maybe he’s with barney now, forming the purple team.

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