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wolf spider photoshoot

Posted on: January 4, 2007

i came in to work today to find an unusually large spider crouching nearby my desk. it’s around 8cm long and i think was on the verge of death. my colleague informed me that it is a wolf spider and its bite is supposedly poisonous. cool.

as my work mates run around the place squealing in fright, i carefully picked it up and placed it on a piece of Double A A4 paper for a photoshoot opportunity (actually, i was the one squealing).

    placing the spider on a Double A A4 paper.

    here’s an idea of how big it is.



    close up!

    back shot!

uh…you don’t want to know what we did with it after that.


3 Responses to "wolf spider photoshoot"

OMG!!! You freaking nut… you KILLED THE SPIDER… prolly if you dried it, it ought to make up a cool book mark… :P anyhoo.. a phone directory comes in handy! :)

hey… where are you working now? how the hell did that get there?

kota samarahan. beats me how it got in my office. interesting idea, the bookmark… 8D

I hate spiders, & I got spider-phobia since I was small…when I saw a giant spider behind me while I was pissing. Like a little kid meeting a bogeyman.

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