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feeling nostalgic

Posted on: January 4, 2007

so i was looking through hundreds of cassettes trying to find that one which had a recording of my late grandfather’s voice, unfortunately with no success. but i did come across some old photo albums hidden away by my dad, photos of me from childhood to my university years. gosh!

as i glance through them all, i couldn’t help but smile, reminiscing the good old times. let me share with you some of those wonderful pictures and my fond memories of them.

this is me, celebrating my 1 year old birthday. adorable no?

i don’t remember much about my childhood times, just bits and pieces here and there. however, i do recall chasing a little yellow chick around my house and outside the compound, where it then flew over a large drain to avoid being pounced by me. i must have been a spunky kid back then because i leap after it without giving a second thought. as expected, i landed in the mucky drain, earning me a big scolding from mom.

my family! me, mom, bro, sis and dad

this is taken during our family trip to Singapore in 1995. my sister is currently studying in Russia and my brother, a lawyer in Singapore. i miss travelling with the whole family together. :-(

taken at hartz chicken, celebrating my birthday with college friends.

i was experimenting with blue highlights. look kinda stupid now when i think about it. but then no one commented on how bad it looked. my friends back then are pretty solid people. take me as i am. ;-)

me, ike the wombat (hand puppet) and Siew Nee (happily married with kids).

this one was taken at the old A&W at 3rd mile, where pizza hut is now. i remember being nicknamed “steam chicken” due to my pale skin tone. uh, i do look a bit corpsey.

i love that maui jacket. i wonder where it had gone to.

me, Sam and Daryl. informatic buddies. lunch buddies. counter-strike buddies. ah, good times…

Pat, Ian, me and KaChng celebrating our graduation from informatics.

this was taken in 2000. i was graduating from my advanced diploma, theirs in their diploma. yup, i’m their senior. hmm, it’s weird how i get along better with my seniors back in high school, but juniors in college. strange…but welcomed.

group photo at hilton lobby year 2000.

lookie my hair! clearly apparent under the light. parents didn’t like it much. but i was a rebel back then. aren’t we all? >:D

taken in Perth with the help of a kangaroo.

my college years ended and my uni life began. a lot of people figured me for a drug addict because of my unkempt hair.

playing around with my digital camera.

maybe i do look a bit like a drug addict. lol.

International Students Committee (ISC) 2001 – can you spot Kenny?

life in Perth was a blast. i met Kenny and joined the International Students Committee. the ISC was like a second family to me. practically everyday we would hang out and do everything together in a group. and when i say everything…

i was heavily molested.

…basically we all bonded.

july birthdays together.

joe (currently in Singapore) and i celebrated our birthdays together. this is the first time i got cake smashed into my face. everyone got a taste of it as well. pity the cake.

Curtin certified!

and all things must come to an end. i graduated and got a huge send off at the airport. it was very difficult to say goodbye. i was heading back to Kuching.

cam-whoring at home.

so here i am today, in my hometown. these few pictures does not do justice with the amount of experiences i’ve gained. but it’s an insight to how i was touched by so many wonderful people in my life. i can’t possibly thank you all, such memories you’ve engraved in me. i just hope our path will cross again in the near future.

meeting new faces, learning new things, enjoying the new year. i wonder where will i be in 2008?


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:o EEK my hair! :P

whut’s wrong with it? :P

looks really short then aye? and looks kinda weird… :P

i think it looks classy :)

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