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a weird sms conversation

Posted on: January 3, 2007

what would you do if you got this sms?

it’s obviously not directed to me but i couldn’t help replying to her sincerity.
so i texted her back with:
“dad only have 5 dollars, owe you 3 dollars can?”

i felt bad but i wanted to clarify her dad’s situation:
“can la, dad this month a bit tight”

this reply caught me off guard. i think she was trying to appeal to my softer side.
so i gave her an honest solution:
“tell them your mom is sick and you really need to get back home to see her”

and finally she realised she has been talking to the wrong person all along.
weird, and i still don’t know who she is.


2 Responses to "a weird sms conversation"

lol..do i hear a secret admirer calling?!

nah…i’m not that lucky ;)

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