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new year resolutions

Posted on: January 2, 2007

2006 has been – slow. only during the last month of the year has there been significant changes in my life. the two most influential milestone in 2006 for me is:

1. when i attended Kenny‘s birthday party at links. this event alone introduced me to a new social circle and from there, reunited me with many long lost friends.

2. having a yam cha session with an old friend, Alex Wong whom i’ve not seen for over a year. he got me started on my diet.

both these events really got me to stop and think, to examine myself in a different perspective and reevaluate where i am going with my life.

so a new year has come. i’ve given it a lot of thought on what i wish to achieve this year. here is my list from the impossible to the achievable.


1. lose another 10kg weight
i’ve lost 5kg in the last month and that is the highest i’ve ever got to whenever i tried dieting. *cross fingers*

2. grow a beard
heh. i’ll be really lucky if i can grow thicker hair instead, but a beard would be cool…i think.

3. learn to dance
will i ever find the time and be motivated enough to do this? i believe every guy needs to know some basic of how to shake-your-body-without-embarassing-yourself steps. how else will you sweep a girl off her feet?

4. learn a musical instrument
a guitar maybe? i know how to play the piano thought. when i say the piano, i mean i know how to play 1 song on it (do re mi).

5. get my own car
i need to get commited. but then, i love the feeling of having no commitments right now.


1. get a better salary or pay raise
preferably the latter one because i kinda like my job atm. but then, anything can happen right?

2. improve social circle
need to drag my butt out of the house more i guess.

3. read more books
at least one per month. does pdf count?

4. learn how to fold origami, do palm reading and some cool magic tricks
i suddenly developed an interest. i used to know how to do handwriting and card readings but it has been too long forgotten.

so goodbye 2006, hello 2007. may this be a blessed year for me and you.


5 Responses to "new year resolutions"

happy new year, alex =)

good luck with your new year resolutions. those under the impossible category are not that impossible, its just whether you are determine enough to do it. =P

have fun.

thanks for the encouragement. =)

Ooo, musical instrument. Learn drums, bro! Then you can attract girls by showing your beats, yaw!

drums? that is so not portable (how to serenade a girl by the beach) and as i’ve no skillz, i’ll prolly contribute to a lot of noise polution in my neighbourhood, struggling to reach your level of playing dude =P

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