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this one is for mom

Posted on: December 31, 2006

i just realised that i hardly know anything about my mom. i never took the time to find out her interest, her past, her life. if someone should ask me what is my mom like, i would probably answer with, normal typical mom who nags a lot. haha. however, if you should ask me what are her hobbies…my mind would probably draw a blank. the one thing i do know is that she enjoys watching travel shows. i guess you can say me and my mom don’t have that kind of a close relationship.

average in a day i would say i spend less than 15 minutes talking with my mom. is that bad? anyway, something tonight made me curious to know more about her life so just now as she was watching television, i made myself a sandwich as a pretence to sit down and watch whatever was showing with her (i was feeling awkward, okay). we were watching some show on china and she started commenting on the place and the subject of snow came up. i said i never seen real snow before and asked if she had. she reminded me that she had hands on experience with the stuff when she was in japan a year or so back. duh, how forgetful am i? i proceeded from there to ask my mom about her life.

my mom originally came from Bintagor where she lived with 8 other brothers and sisters in a small rubber plantation. her family was very poor and she had to help out with the rubber tapping at the age of 7 in the early mornings before going off to school. during that time, simple necessities like shoes and books that we now take for granted are not available to her. before she learned how to use a bicycle, she had to walk to school barefooted and back, most times alone and in the dark. she recalls getting wet under the rain, falling into drains and feeling scared during those walks.

she works between school and during weekends at the plantation and still managed to maintain good grades. after primary 5, she went to Kuching to take up nursing training for 4 years. luckily, this was sponsored by the goverment. she was only 17 when she left home alone. she stayed at the nursing housing (still prominently functioning today) near our General Hospital. she gets by with the allowances from the government. through hardwork and dedication she became a nurse, soon a matron and now a business woman. today she is selling infant milk powder and is an avid supporter of tupperware.

my mom’s brothers and sisters are all scattered in Sibu, Miri and Singapore now. her home back in Bintagor is deserted but her grandma’s little shop is still there. i’m planning to follow my mom down to Sibu where her brother will drive us down to Bintagor the next time she makes the trip there.

do you ever have that wish where you wish you were borned into this world wealthy? coming into this life to have anything and everything you could possibly want? sometimes i do. but at times like these, listening to the hardship my mom had gone through, i feel sad and relief at the same time. sad because someone i love had to bear those hard times and relief to know that she made it through. she makes me want to be better. to work for it rather than have it handed to me on a silver platter.

mom, the likely hood of you ever reading this is zero but i just want to say i love you. i never said it to you in person before, but i know you know. i’m sorry for the hard times i put you through, those times i raised my voice to you and often ignoring what you have to say to me. it’s not really intentional, i’m just being mean and stupid. it’s forever awkward for me to express myself to you.

old habits die hard, so this one is for you.


2 Responses to "this one is for mom"

Hi, first time commenting :P

that’s so sweet of you!
Maybe you should let her know sometimes..
It’ll mean a lot, :D
& urm Happy New Year!!

thanks, happy new year =)

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