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lunch with Kenny

Posted on: December 28, 2006

whenever i have a conversation with Kenny, more often than not i will end up learning something new. be it that Kenko Diet Plums can be bought at Watsons or that it is okay to enjoy KFC or MacDonalds once a week when your on a diet or that Sharifah Amani said a boo boo which got some people upset (Malays), Kenny is like my very own walking talking information centre. lol. just kidding, i’m just really out of touch with current events.

we had lunch at Aha Cafe located along Ban Hock Road next to Tsui Hwa Lau restaurant. this trendy little eatery is one of the few places i can go to satisfy my craving for healthy delicious food. Kenny used to be a regular here he says, till they took away his set lunch from the menu and jack up the price of everything. aww…

their food is not too bad, seeing as this is my second trip with Kenny for lunch here. this time around i ordered salmon spagetti and Kenny had some wimpy salad (full meh?). our discussion is mostly regarding hang out places like Soho, Mojo and links, past events, his future blog ideas, travelling and diet plans. simply fun to take time out to relax and idle chat with a friend again.

after lunch we parted ways and i headed down to Limited Edition, a shop located along Jalan Song Thian Cheok to look for uhh…limited edition stuff. i was actually hunting for a cologne, specifically Gucci Nobile or Versace Black Jeans. i’ve checked all the major outlets around town the other day including our international airport with no luck. thought i’ll give this place a look see as it was recommended by a friend of mine (whose name happens to be Alex and the owner of the shop is also Alex and me being Alex too! coincidence or just a too common name?).

unfortunately they too do not have them so i ended up getting Hugo instead. it set me back rm180 but that’s cheap considering the normal price for one of these cost more than rm200. the reason for this is because the colognes here are actually testers. but if it’s cheaper and the same anyway, you won’t see me complaining :-)

finally, i dropped by Tun Jugah and got myself a simple black t-shirt with this cute cartoon design in front. haha. i’m a sucker for cutesy stuff. overall, a very productive day i should say. looking forward to tommorrow :-D


7 Responses to "lunch with Kenny"

ooh! new place! i’m gonna pay that place a visit when i back for my next hols…

oh when back? cny?


You sounded like a girl in this blog as this is the 1st time i am visiting your blog. Anyway maybe your just soft. Cheers!!!!

yeah, i’m a chick with man-hair. lol.

Keep up the Good work. Cheers

thanks for the support. =)

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