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christmas aftermath

Posted on: December 25, 2006

i had fun last night. i also received tons of christmas greetings through sms. unfortunately, it took me till now to find the time to send my replies. normally every year, i would mass msg christmas greetings to everyone in my contact list at midnight exactly. couldn’t find the time this year thought.

anyway, let me share some of the sweet greets i got. it makes me feel so fuzzy and warm inside reading them all.

there is the straightforward no frills msg.

the msg with problematic caps.

the one where they don’t remember you (even after meeting the night before!)

the all popular ascii greeting.

the entertainer.

the expressionist…who unfortunately for me happens to be a guy.

i even got a msg from my boss! that’s really a big surprise.

and the one that makes it all worth while.

also not forgetting the spiritualist type msg, where they mention our Lord above followed by unlimited blessing upon us. hehe. but i couldn’t extract that one from my phone for some reason. anyway, big silly grin from me and thanks.

this was my msg to everyone this year. the most special and unique i should think:

Happy ho ho ho’s to you, especially to you, and no, this is not a mass msg. I painstakingly type this individually to each and everyone.
merry christmas

Cheers and happy holidays everybody!
Love, Hugs & Kisses – Alex Kho


4 Responses to "christmas aftermath"


i finally know who you are. hoho!! my sms was also original ok?? written by me, though the xmas tree was cut and paste. ;P

merry belated christmas! (^_^)

haha. Merry Xmas Feli.

Merry Christmas, Alex! Sorry for this late greeting…been sick for the past 2 days already.

all better now i hope :)

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