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on nail polish and perfumes

Posted on: December 24, 2006

i was going for classy and sophisticated. i wanted to do my nails black. thus, i went out and got myself black nail polish. imagine a 9 year old kid discovering fire for the first time. that’s me with nail polish. i have not a single clue what i was doing. i just wanted dark nails.

black nail polish anyone?

so my nails ready? check. got the nail polish? check. excitedly, i started applying it on my left thumb and index finger. it took less than 5 minutes and the outcome was uhh…well it didn’t come out as i expected. to simply describe it – messy.

it is surely an attention grabber but definitely for all the wrong reasons. rather than going, “ooh, cool nails” it would probably be, “eww, what happened?”. at this point in time i’m thinking marilyn manson. the word freak came to mind.

frantically, i started scrubbing it off. 30 minutes later i’m back to my normal boring looking nails again. whew! so much for that. so uh…anyone want to buy a brand new, hardly use black nail polish? cheap! :-D

first attempt at nail polishing…failed!

aqua di gio sounds a bit like urine, in hokkien

i’ve been using Aqua di Gio for the last 4 years. it all started when i got one as a gift from two gorgeous girls (who happen to be lesbians but that’s another story) when i was abroad. however, i’ve grown tired of it. so i feel like trying something different for 2007. i was looking around for Gucci Nobile and Black Jeans by Versace but both are just not available here in Kuching. tough luck.

verOnica (she likes her “O”s) suggested some alternatives, including Hugo which i find to be quite good surprisingly. Hugo comes off with a spicy vanilla scent, very comforting smell to me. so right now i’m leaning towards it being my next choice. always, i’m interested to know what you all are using and maybe your story behind it, if you’ll like to share.

Merry Christmas eve everybody!


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