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Christmas 2006

Posted on: December 24, 2006

ahhhhh Christmas is almost upon us…

Kenneth is feeling down, but has a party to attend.
Robin is having fun with trees.
Stickgirl is enjoying the snow, not bitter anymore – yay!
Adrian is peanuts over Christmas.
Felicity is feeling happy with tree friends.
Ben goes on about church, cheesecake and chicken chop.
Kenny loves Kirsten.
Addict is having a white Christmas.
Jojo is not having a good year. hang in there girl!
Naomi is keeping it real.
Francis is taking it easy (and eating durians!)
Jennifer is having a yoga gathering at Soho later.
Sam shares her KL trip with us, in pictures.

and me? i am enjoying some cow tipping.

suddenly ringtone starts playing…
and five minutes later…

wow! an old friend called me all the way from Singapore. how cool is that? thanks May Chua for the Christmas wish! :-)

now i’m hearing fireworks going off outside…i don’t get why they’re shooting fireworks on this occassion. isn’t it suppose to be for Chinese New Year only? to scare away ghosts? now everyone is doing it for Hari Raya, Christmas and even Merdeka day! what’s up with that? grrr…

anyways, tis the season to be jolly right? uh..bah humbug i say!

what the hell, something smells,
i need to shave my leg,
it’s not fun, to be alone,
on this christmas day, hey!

repeat X time until bored. Merry Christmas 2006 everyone.

my hump?


4.00am update! got talked into dropping by Ipanema around 10.30pm to do the christmas countdown. a lot of first time for me tonight. first time to step foot into Soho, first time to Mojo as well, first time meeting Gerald (owner of Mojo) and first time meeting Jennifer (she is so cute with her santa hat) and her yoga friends. didn’t manage to go into Ipanema thought, but the place looks cozy.

also bumped into many familiar faces – Sam, Zack (cats.fm radio dj), my colleagues from work, Dennis (old high school friend) and his sister Diana (who came with their own circle of friends), Hannah Lee (from mIRC days), a guy from M3 cybercafe (sorry dude, forgot your name) and Stephanie Au (from my college days). i think that’s everyone.

fortunate to get to know a lot of new faces as well. it was fun but Soho is way too packed in my opinion. however, will definitely consider doing this again next year. haha. Merry Christmas and goodnight! (or good morning).


2 Responses to "Christmas 2006"

hmm jennifer looks cute without the santan hat too..

haha okay. Jennifer looks cute all the time.

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