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the reason women wear high heels

Posted on: December 21, 2006

they look painfully uncomfortable, yet women all over the world flock to get them. i’m convinced every girl at the age of 18 and above would be in possession of at least a pair.

can you spell suffering?

clip…clop…clip…clop – how do you walk on that thing? it is a fact that wearing high heels for long periods of time can lead to back problems, sprains and possibly the deformity of the foot. Sam was kind enough to let me try once and after taking two steps on her heels, i almost fell, twist my ankle, break a leg, hit a wall, fracture my skull and fall unconscious due to severe brain injury. THANKS SAM! but of course, none of that viceral stuff took place.

any-hoo…we men have seldom ever question the logic behind the use of high heels. being simple minded and all, we just accept them as another one out of the hundred accessories women feel they need to have to complement their complicated lifestyle. who are we to judge right? granted, we were programmed from the very beginning to think that the reason for their existence is to promote glamour and sophistication. hey, no pain no gain right? men understand that concept all too well.

positively speaking, women feel that they get more respect, ofttimes regarded as a successful person when seen in high heels. unfortunately, most if not all men gets intimidated by tall women and in reality, seldom ever pay attention to women’s feet (not inclusive of those with foot fetishes) as there are other “assets” more interesting to captivate us (GOD gave us eyes for a reason!). so why use them at all? clearly, the justification is not there.

the real reason is this: high heels pushes the centre of mass in the body forward, causing the spine to bend backwards to compensate.

this basically means that by wearing them, the attained curvature of the body actually helps to accentuate both the clevage and posterior of the female form (e.g. as depicted in the picture below).

go on, lick your screen. you know you want to.

couple that with the awkward pattern of motion (i.e. swaying of the hips) due to the alleviated height achieved, you will get a very mesmerizing effect which would result in men salivating upon prolong observation.

our heart rate will be in symmetry with the clippity clop and our attention will be enraptured for a duration. it is all about the psychological manipulation of men that lead women to deliberately wear high heels.

absolute POWAH!

and now you know. go forth my young padawan and spread the news…we men shall not be fooled any longer.


6 Responses to "the reason women wear high heels"



i did drool, but not lick ;)

I think if I don’t wear heels I will just be seen as a kid. Especially since I’m so…tall.

But still, I haven’t bought my first pair of heels. If I get mine when I’m 19, I’ll be able to prove you wrong. Heh. Though I don’t think I’ll wait that long before getting them… *shrug*

ooh, d.a. wear heels must take picture! :-)

GOOD GOD! we so do not do that.. or do we? =D

Besideeees! i only wear heels cos im only 15xcm..=(!

short is in. most guys find tall girls…intimidating ;)

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