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life on the fast lane

Posted on: December 19, 2006

i am changing. i am constantly learning new things, more so these past few weeks. i’ve set goals to achieve, situations to look forward to and people that i would very much like to meet and get to know more intimately. and when i have things i want to do, places i want to go, time seems to pass by ever so quickly.

and then the red light hit me. so i slow down a bit. i decide it is time to change lanes and put myself on neutral. to sit back and contemplate on what to do with myself.

maybe take time out to enjoy what nature has to offer.

perhaps get a pet to keep me entertained during those lonely nights?

or maybe decide to commit myself to starting a family of my own.

why do i hesitate? where am i going? what do i want to become?

and then some idiot proceed to “honk” me relentlessly from behind, signalling the green light. i look into the rear-view mirror and gave him the finger (getting my revenge but secretly hoping he didn’t notice it) and proceed to step on the gas and continue my journey on the fast lane…

Highway in Malaysia

To all road users in Malaysia…please note left lane is slow lane, middle is normal and right lane is overtake/fast lane. If observe carefully, most stupid drivers in Malaysia use middle lane as cruise/slow lane, and sub-idiots use fast lane as normal lane. And this leave no choice for others but to use the slow lane to overtake. A reminder to all sub and stupid driver, please observe proper road etiqutte. and i beg your pardon, most of them are women on wheels!

taken from the star online.

this applies to the users of escalators and moving side-walks too. at least…in my humble opinion.

idiot: har? i tot excalator move same speed wan? how got fast slow normal lane meh.

me: no ba, i mean give way la when ppl pass through.

idiot: oh liddat sia. say skuse me lor.

me: umm..ok.

[short pause]

idiot: hehe, the polar bear very sueh.


6 Responses to "life on the fast lane"

life reflections and silly malaysian traffics huh?!

I’m going to get a puppy for myself =P

really? train the puppy to do yoga with you. lol. must take pix!

I read somewhere that the speed of the herd is determined by the slowest animals … Deduct whatever you may from this as Malaysia boleh crawls towards 2020!

Puppy, baby n …. polar bear semua boleh do yoga! 8-)

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