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10 holiday gift ideas

Posted on: December 14, 2006

have you ever had problems coming up with ideas on what to get for a certain someone? i’m sure you have, i’m sure we all had some point in time. well don’t fret! with Christmas fast approaching, i felt obligated to share some of my gift ideas with you all. use them as you please but i shall not be held responsible for the outcome. tee-hee. without further ado, here we go.

number 10: red nose

a shiny plastic red nose for clowning around. simple. effective. cheap. if it fails to please, use it as a tree ornament instead. or you can always chuck it in a bowl with all the other plastic fruits…fuyo~ three ideas for the price of one.

number 9: Hello Kitty eye mask

who doesn’t appreaciate a good nights rest and what better way to ensure you get one by using this uh…eye mask? it features Hello Kitty on front and comes to you in an all pink color. JOY! easily slips on and off via elastic bands.

number 8: chihuahua walking toy

standing at only 17cm (6 inches) tall, this puppy is sure to melt your heart as he walks and barks towards you. made from soft plush material, he comes with his own dog house container for the trip home to your door. ruff!

number 7: two front teeth pacifier

babies and toddlers are cute. these will make them hilariously cuter. honest. just pop this in their mouth and voila! works on adults too.

number 6: wooden geta sandals

what is it with girls and high heels? we guys must not feel left out! try these fashionable and very traditional sandals. falling ensues.

number 5: boob t-shirt

to promote breast cancer awareness, cafepress will donate $1 dollar for every purchase of this t-shirt to the American Cancer Society. let us do the right thing. squeeze a boob and save a life! it doesn’t get any better than this.

number 4: 15″ afro wig

groovy baby. austin powers will be proud. come on, i’m sure deep down inside you’ve always wanted to try one out…uh, no? only me then?

number 3: dragon leather bag

you got to admit it’s pretty darn cool! sure to turn heads your way. the only downside is that it is not cheap and some people might mistake you for a nerd. but that’s all right, yeah?

number 2: chestrest mousepad

i get excited just seeing these on display. ideal gift for those who spend too much time in front of the PC. *cough* you *cough*. they even come with proper “instructions” on how NOT to use them!

and finally…

number 1: animi causa bed

made with 120 soft elastic balls, and that is a lot of balls. it’ll mould itself to your imagination and gives you the feeling of falling in love all over again. comes in a number of bright and funky colors. what are you waiting for?

and that’s it. hope you enjoyed my gift ideas!


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