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a deal with the Devil

Posted on: December 10, 2006

i’m on a diet. low carbohydrate, high protein, 40 minute workout per day. hopefully by chinese new year i’ll have lost 10kg or more *cross fingers*. a friend of mine who has been at this for a year now had some tremendously positive results. anyways, he told me that taking up a diet is like signing a contract with the devil. a long-term contract.

thou shall not eat belachan bee-hoon, cheese cake, french fries and all that is nice…and in return, thou shall be granted superficial beauty.

so i’m stuck with yucky food which i usually prepare myself everyday now. ugh…suffer! THIS DIET BETTER WORK GDAMMIT!

…this meal requires mental discipline to gulp down.

oh well, wish me luck!


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u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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